Employability Skills in The College of Engineering

This site exists to enhance your employability so the contents of this page may be used freely by all students wishing to enhance their employability as a general audience. The module contains taught elements, but relies heavily on self-directed initiative.

The site's specific audience are students looking for a placement and accessing it through EG-233. The module supports your progression to the Year in Industry (EG-E01 or EG-M39). You are expected to complete the SEA Career Development Course More about this on the Skills page. A mandatory health and safety session with a test is scheduled each year and will be communicated to you during the lecture series, which is available as an assessed component on Canvas.

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BASICS: How to Ace Assessment Days

Assessment centres are daunting for almost everyone BUT we are offering you some advice on how you can ace your assessment days, as well as a podcast featuring Alumni Haytham Whitear. He briefly covers what kind of questions can be asked, how to deal with any questions asked to throw you, group tasks and how best to prepare for an Assessment Day. We also advise that you show up early, speak up but don’t be too overbearing and take this time to network with potential employers and co-workers!