This site is designed to support your employability journey during your studies and beyond. The contents of this page may be used freely by all students. It is worth noting that much of the contents is targetted at the students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering enrolled on a placement scheme.

The site's specific audience are students looking for a placement within their academic curriculum (course with a Year in Industry). The modules supporting your progression to the Year in Industry. You are expected to complete the SEA Career Development Course More about this on the Skills page. A mandatory health and safety session with a test is scheduled each year and will be communicated to you during the lecture series, which is available as an assessed component on Canvas.

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Google It - The Art of Using Google So You Don’t Have To

Google is far more than a search engine. The company itself has 82 application products on offer to its users – allowing you to timetable, create, edit, share, and email a variety of items such as documents, presentations, spreadsheets, photographs, and much more.